Elle Magazine - " The Latest and best in Global ANTI-AGEING" - Shinso Essence

July, 2011

SUPER SERUMS - Current Hollywood favorite Shinso Essence, favoured by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria and Drew Barrymore

It’s no secret that serums are an essential part of any anti-ageing regimen. Says Mumbai-based dermatology consultant, Dr Nina Madnani, “Serums contain active ingredients in a more concentrated form than creams and are able to reach the skin’s deeper layers. Many of the new serums use nanotechnology, which allows ingredients to reach even deeper for visible differences.”

Current Hollywood favourite Shinso Essence, favoured by thelikesof JenniferAniston,EvaLongoriaandDrewBarrymore, is pumped full of 69 Japanese herbs and botanicals in nano-sizedparticles.

Ingredients includecutting-edgepeptides like muscle-relaxing acetyl hexapeptide-8, cell growth stimulatinghumanoligopeptide-1,plus fullerenes–antioxidants that are 125timesmore effective at protecting the skin against ageing free-radicals than vitamin C, according to founder Nao Tsuruta.

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